19th Century Oil Painting of Nude Native American Woman

19th Century Oil Painting of Nude Native American Woman


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Antique Oil Painting of Nude Native American Woman by an Unknown 19th Century American Artist on canvas. From the appearance of the wood of the stretcher and the canvas from the reverse side the painting, age appears to be 19th century and perhaps even earlier. It is unknown which tribe she is from but the head band suggest she may have been a Sioux, which became the focus of many American painters who painted indigenous North American peoples in the early 19th century point. It is my feeling this painting is a portrait, painted while having a Native American woman as a real life model.

The painting is in overall very good condition and has no marks or tears to the canvas. The nude woman is painted against a background of trees. The color is exceptional given it’s age. The frame is old and goes well with the painting it may or may not be the original frame that shows some wear.

This painting is a rare 19th century portrait of Native American Body Art that shows a woman comfortable and smiling thus bucking the trend of a time which saw subjects keeping a straight face for fear of being rejected.

The entire piece including the frame measures approximately 13 ½” x 17 ½” inches. Painting itself measures approximately 8 ¼” x 11 ¼”.

A rare American painting that bears more research.  A 19th century painting of a nude Native American is just not offered for sale…..


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