American Flintlock Fusil ca 1770

American Flintlock Fusil ca 1770


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American Flintlock Fusil ca 1770

American Flintlock Fusil stocked in cherry using a Tower Brown Bess style lock with American hardware and what appears to be a barrel made by an American barrel maker. This fusil is in excellent condition with a pleasing period iron cuff repair at the wrist. It is 68” overall length with a 52” barrel. The Tower lock measures 6 ½” long. The bore is approximately ¾” across. The wood is very nice with age separation at the site of knots in the wood which accentuates its original character. The wood has not been replaced or repaired and has a beautiful color and patina. The ramrod appears to be original. It is hard to find an 18th century  fusil this long with original wood. This is a beautiful American Fusil!


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