Brass Sun Dial Dated 1709 from Virginia

Brass Sun Dial Dated 1709 from Virginia

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Rare handmade brass – Iron sundial calibrated for North American that was found by Jon Laubach, Barhamsville, VA near Williamsburg, VA. Jon retired as a master gunsmith from Colonial Williamsburg. The sundials is made of heavy cast brass with a forged sun guide and is engraved 1709 – Redeemy Tyme along with engraved lines from a center circle that terminate with  beautiful engraved roman numerals denoting the time. This rare piece comes with a letter that was hand written by Jon Lauback.

Alexander Spotswood was Lieutenant Governor of Virginia In Williamsburg, VA under Virginia Colonial Governor George Hamilton, Earl of Orkney who never came to Virginia from England. Lt Governor Spotswood came to Virginia in 1709. It is interesting to note that he had a passion for sundials and writes about having them placed in his gardens. Could it be?

Redeemy is a Greek word meaning ” to rescue from loss” and  Tyme references “time”. Together they suggest the importance of not wasting time.

This is a rare and important Virginia made artifact.


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