Colt S/A, 7-1/2”x 45COLT, S# 22058 (1876)

Colt S/A, 7-1/2”x 45COLT, S# 22058 (1876)


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Colt S/A, 7-1/2”x 45COLT, S# 22058 (1876)

1st Generation Colt S/A, 7-1/2”x 45COLT, 22058 (1876)  A rare black powder Colt S/A with the italic barrel address and the two line frame patent dates, This S/A has only light wear, no bad spots.  and a tight smooth action with all the clicks on the hammer and a crisp lock-up. The exterior retains a smooth dark patina finish and the metal and markings are all in good condition, including the italic barrel address and the frame patent dates. It has a VG+ bore. The matching serial numbers, including the barrel and cylinder are still good as well. The wood grips are excellent and have no losses or detrimental marks and they match the condition of the revolver with the entire gun looking to have almost no serious wear at all, which is pretty rare on a Colt Single Action as early as this S/A. The metal is smooth and crisp, the finish is a pleasing dark brownish patina, and over-all this is just a really early and very desirable for a Colt S/A made in 1876. The Colt factory letter shows that this Colt as having been in a shipment of 17 other S/As in January 1876 to one of Colts major wholesale houses, B. Kittredge in Cincinnati. This is very scarce and collectible vintage Colt Single Action. Great price for a hard to find 5 digit S# S/A with italic address –



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