Early Southern Longrifle

Early Southern Longrifle


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18th Century southern iron mounted longrifle with a 42″ handmade octagon barrel and a hand made early flintlock. It has a 3/4″ bore with no rifling remaining. This is a rather simplistic made  longrifle that does not have a wooden sliding patchbox nor a side plate or carving   Longifles of this type were the favorites of militiamen. They were carried to battle by those riflemen in the 18th century wars who answered the patriotic call for volunteers. Rifles of this type were in high demand during the Rev War. The iron hardware is hand made and wonderfully filed. While not signed, George Shumway often commented that longrifles made using iron hardware were likely made in the south. I agree. This is a pleasing back country longrifle that no doubt helped define our country.


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