F & I War – Rev War Fusil

F & I War – Rev War Fusil


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F & I War – Rev War Fusil

American stocked F & I War – Rev War using 1750’s English Richard Wilson barrel and early English hardware with gunsmith made ramrod pipes (forward pipe is a replacement).  It has an American handmade blacksmith lock that was converted to percussion probably for use in the American Civil War. The conversion uses a drum percussion mechanism with a confederate style percussion cock. The wood is American walnut with an original hickory ramrod. The barrel is 38 ½” and was probably shorted at the time of the percussion conversion.  There is neat relief carving around the tang. A wonderful American stocked musket that probably saw use in four American wars (F & I War, Rev War, War of 1812 and the Civil War). Nice over all condition with minor wood missing about 6″ back from the mussel.


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