Flintlock Fowler by Jud Brennan, Alaska

Flintlock Fowler by Jud Brennan, Alaska

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Flintlock Fowler by Jud Brennan

This is a contemporary 1750’s style left-hand flintlock fowler made for me (Gordon Barlow) some 20 years ago by Jud Brennan, Delta Junction, Alaska. It has a hand forged left-hand lock made by Jud. The 48” round barrel is signed “I Brennan” and the wrist inlay is engraved “GBK”. The bore is 58 caliber. The stock is burl walnut with a gorgeous engraved brass side, trigger guard and butt plate with brass thimbles.  

This is a very fine Brennan fowler that I commissioned by me from Jud. I have enjoyed looking at it for many years. Given our relationship he put his heart into making this fowler.  Today, the fowler would cost in excess of $10,000. Yes, the time has come for me to find it a new home.

Never fired except by Jud… 


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