Flintlock Pistol F &I War – Rev War Era

Flintlock Pistol F &I War – Rev War Era

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A wonderful flintlock pistol made during the mid-18th century that has elaborate relief carving around the tang, the trigger guard and around the side plate. This flintlock is French origin (see gold inlay hallmarks on the barrel and the makers name on the lock). The French made pistols of this type for the North American trade during the French and Indian War and for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.

The pistol is 15″ overall with a 8 1/2″ bbl with a large smoothbore. Gun features all brass fixtures such as trigger guard. Inlaid motifs are very decoratively engraved. The woodwork on the gun is superb with a considerable amount of elaborate tang carving. This flintlock is beautifully made and is an ornately decorative pistol. The wood has beautiful color that is solid. The entire pistol is complete and in original unaltered condition. This is a very interesting flintlock pistol that dates from the 1750 period (F & I War) which was an important era in American history.



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