Ka-Bar Sheath Knife, Olean, NY

Ka-Bar Sheath Knife, Olean, NY


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Ka-Bar Sheath Knife, Olean, NY

Ka-Bar Sheath Knife made by Union Cutlery Corporation, Olean, NY. This is the most beautiful Cowboy / Hunter / Trapper Ka-Bar knife I have ever seen. The pommel is antler and the scales are micarta with red and black micarta spacers. The blade is excellent with no visible signs of having been sharpened. The sheath has wonderful color with a star and the word “KA-BAR” tooled in the leather. The sheath has some wear and one area of leather separation from the knife blade sliding in and out of the sheath. Overall length of this Ka-Bar is 6 ½” with a 3 ¼” blade. This is a knife that takes you back in time if you enjoy ca 1920s sheath knives..



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