Oscar Crockett Spurs

Oscar Crockett Spurs


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Oscar Crockett Spurs

Oscar Crockett was born in Pecos City, Texas in 1887 to a family that knew cowboying and blacksmithing. His older brother, Arthur,  introduced him to bit and spur making and Oscar caught the bug. Crockett spent his early childhood driving cattle and at age 23 he rode a train to Kansas City where he got a job working in a blacksmith shop.

Early on Oscar made bits and spurs in his spare time before starting his bits and  spur making business in 1914. Bits and spurs marked “Crockett” are in collections and are treasured for their rarity. He died of a heart attack while traveling to visit Boulder, CO in 1949.   Oscar Crockett’s personal work is simply stamped “CROCKETT” which appears on the edge of these spurs.  Never cleaned and comes with the original Cowboy leather.

Crockett was known as one of the “Big Three Spur Makers” along with Buermann and Garcia…



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