Rev War Powder Horn

Rev War Powder Horn


Rev War Powder Horn

 Revolutionary War Period Screw Top Powder Horn with Brass Spout. This horn is 13.5″ long with a nice quarter twist. The threaded butt plug is turned walnut, as is the butt plug that is attached to the horn with small round head brass nails. A large chip is missing from the plug which didn’t damage the horn body was an early chip as the wood has oxidized the same color. The brass spout is 4″ long and attached to the horn with brass nails. The horn color is a dark greenish yellow brown with striations. It was scraped thin to show the powder level inside. Beautiful example of an early militia powder horn from  William Church Family, Davidson County, North Carolina who was militia  soldier at the Battle of Guilford Court House during the Rev War.

Nice identified Rev War powder horn.



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