Wall Gun by Joseph Robinson, Gunsmith

Wall Gun by Joseph Robinson, Gunsmith


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Wall Gun by Joseph Robinson, Gunsmith

A rare wall gun signed on the lock “Robinson” was made by Joseph Robinson** at Fort Loudoun in Winchester, Virginia. Robinson was a gunsmith at Williamsburg, Virginia. George Washington recruited him to join the Virginia Militia as a gunsmith / blacksmith at Fort Loudoun.

This wall gun was purchase by Bernie Mitchell of Frederick Co., Virginia in 1960’s from Irving Kern of Frederick County, Virginia who provided the history stating that the gun was made and used at Fort Loudoun while George Washington used Fort Loudoun to house the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War. Bernie Mitchell sold this wall gun to MM Deffenbaugh in Staunton, Virginia where I first saw the gun in the late 1960’s. Deffenbaugh sold the gun. The next time I saw this wall gun was in 1980’s when Tim Hodges offered it for sale at the Longrifle Show in Woodstock, Virginia. Tom Bucher purchased the gun from Tim and I purchased this wall gun from Tom.

This wall gun weighs almost 20 lbs. and is 54” overall length with a 39” barrel, that was made and filed by a blacksmith with a 7/8’ bore. The flintlock is hand forged and is 7 ½” long. The trigger guard is also hand forged. The stock appears to be apple wood and is covered with original blue paint with a fantastic butt covering that is made with horse hair and a heavy leather covering.

This is indeed a rare American Wall Gun with a great history….


** Reference: The Gunsmith in Colonial Virginia, Harold Gill, Jr.; Frederick County, Virginia, Order Book #12, Joseph Robinson, Gunsmith


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