Wooden Box Longrifle

Wooden Box Longrifle


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Flintlock Wooden Box Smoothbore Longrifle

Attributed to James McCamant, Wellsburg, VA. The attribution is based on the stock carving / configuration on this longrifle that matches that found on a musket signed by James McCamant (J M) with Chesterfield (County) stamped on the barrel for an 1811 contract that James had with Virginia to make militia muskets.

James McCamant could possibly have had a relationship with Allison from the Western PA School — Allison used the same carving in front of the Lock and Side Plate and three screws to hold the side-plate (2 large screws and 1 small screw)  (See Kauffman – Rosenburg Book – Western PA Longrifles). James worked in Washington, PA before  moving to Wellsburg, VA. Stamped JM behind the trigger guard as found on the McCamant musket.

The longrifle is probably ca  War of 1812 with a 42” barrel and 57 “ overall. Wellsburg, VA is Wellsburg, WV, today.  Come with research on the McCamant family including photos of the James McCanant musket marked Chesterfield. This is a wonderful wooden box longrifle with interesting carving in front of the flintlock. Great for any collection.


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