Pair of Revolutionary War Pistols

Pair of Revolutionary War Pistols


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Pair of Revolutionary War Pistols

A nice pair of original, Paktong mounted pistols by Ketland & Company, London. ca. Rev War. The 8 in., .71 caliber octagonal barrels are engraved with a leafy band at the breech, “spider” inlet, silver blade front sights, London proof marks, and engraved “London” on the top flats. Locks are engraved with the early “Ketland/& Co.”  marking. Walnut stocks with flat sided grips. Paktong furniture including trigger guard with acorn finial and flower engraved on the bow, rosette side nail escutcheons, and sheet rammer and entry pipes; wood rammers. Mechanically fine

Paktong Metal

Paktong originated in China and is an alloy of copper ores with nickel and zinc. The metal was used by the Chinese for small table and decorative accessories for the domestic market. This is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, which resembles silver; it is slow to tarnish, wears well and was used occasionally in the eighteenth century for making candlesticks, fenders, grates and other articles. Paktong was imported into England from China in the 1750’s up until the Revolutionary War when German Silver became readily available.

A wonderful pair of Revolutionary War pistols with rare Paktong hardware ca 1750-1780.

Note: See black and white pistol photo in this photo gallery. This pistol has silver hardware that has a 1771 hallmarked. This pistol has flat grip pistols without side plates are often mistakenly dated by collector’s as always being made in the late 18th century to early 19th century. This is factually not accurate. Contact Gordon at [email protected] and request a copy of a recent study that provides this ca date to not be accurate. (This pistol is not included as part of this offering – reference only)

From Margie and Gordon Barlow Collection  – See – “Virginia in the Revolutionary War” by Margie and Gordon Barlow




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