Confederate Converted Musket

Confederate Converted Musket


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Civil War Confederate Converted Musket

Owned by Col. John D Lilley, Augusta County, Virginia

Purchased from:  Robert Funk, Surveyor,  Robert Funk and Associates, Terry Street, Staunton, VA  (Bob collected this Confederate Musket along with a CW D-guard knife and powder flask that was carried by Col John Lilley from the John Lilley Family in Augusta County, Virginia (near Greenville) in 1970’s.)

Civil War Confederate Conversion Musket that belonged to Colonel John D Lilley. This Confederate musket was converted from 1816 flintlock Springfield musket and is typical of the Confederate conversions using a brass nose cap of the type used at the Richmond Armory, Richmond, Virginia.

Augusta County: “Col. John Doak Lilley,” 



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