Tennessee Flintlock Pistol

Tennessee Flintlock Pistol


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Tennessee Flintlock Pistol

A scares flintlock pistol (ca 1812- 1820) that descended through the Henry Wiley family of Roane County, Tennessee. The family attributed this great little zTennesse pistol as having been made by  Russell Bean a member of the well-known Tennessee gunsmith Family.

It has its original T. Ketland and Co  flintlock and wonderful forged trigger guard and full length back-strap that terminates with a round plate on the bottom of the bird head shaped grip which is characteristic of the style found on Bean pistols. It appears to be about 1 36 cal smooth bore with forged iron rear sight and a brass front sight. The forward ramrod thimble is made of brass.

This neat pistol is 12″ overall and has a 7 1/2″ barrel that is octagon to round. The engraved lock screws have decorative iron plates on the side opposite the flintlock.

Very scares Tennessee Russel Bean (attributed) flintlock pistol.0


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