Flintlock Trade Musket

Flintlock Trade Musket


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Flintlock Trade Musket

An impressively long .75” bore Belgian Flintlock Trade Musket. It has a 51″ barrel and overall length of 67″. It has Birmingham English proofs on barrel. The lock has the bumble bee G/L logo of Georges Laloux, made in Liege, Belgium. Liege was the manufacturing center for the world’s arms trade in the second half of the 19th century. George Laloux’s produced weapons were very desirable and recognized as such in the trade with his Bumble Bee logo on the lock. These muskets that were coated with red paint were produced for sale in Canada and in America to Native Americans and used extensively during the Indian Wars and as ‘fowlers’ for gathering game for food. The unrifled bore is unrifled and the hardware is hammered brass.

Hundreds of these well-made Belgium ‘Bumble Bee’ flintlock muskets were produced but the survival rate was very low. Very Good condition and really hard to fine, especially in this condition. If you like to collect flintlock trade muskets this is one you will keep.


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